Why Your Thoughts Matter

With all the distractions you have pulling at you in every direction, it’s important to know how to keep your mind focused. Without focus, you lose the ability to prioritize effectively. Without focus, careless mistakes are made. When you are not intentional with what you do and say, you may easily leave projects unfinished or end up with huge feelings of regret. Everything flows directly from the thoughts you think. So when your mind is right, all of the following begins to function properly:

1. EMOTIONS—Your emotions follow your thoughts. When you dwell on negative circumstances too long, you will eventually get depressed. If you focus on negative traits in someone, you will eventually grow bitter or resentful towards that person. The same is true when the negative thoughts are aimed directly towards yourself. If you are in the habit of putting yourself down or seeing yourself in a negative light, then your self-esteem will begin to suffer. As the saying goes, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” This is why it’s so important to stay focused on the good in people and circumstances; especially the good in yourself, because doing so will impact everything and everyone else in your world in a positive way.

2. WORDS—Your words follow your thoughts. No one has ever said a word without first thinking it. Even in the natural development of language, one must first comprehend (think accurately) about a word before he begins to use it. While some people are better at it than others, we are wise when we know how to keep our tongues from saying what we would later regret, especially to those who are closest to us. So what kinds of things are you saying to people in your world? Do you often regret what you’ve said in the heat of the moment or when you’ve had a bad day? If your mind is filled with uplifting and positive thoughts, then the people around you will be able to hear it in your conversations. When you’re thinking about how terrible something is or how upset you are, hurtful words will inevitably be spoken that unfortunately, can never truly be taken back. Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). And it all starts with your thoughts.

3. ACTIONS—Your actions follow your thoughts. Marketers use advertisements extensively because they understand this principle very well. The more you see something, the more you’ll have it on your mind. The more you have it on your mind, the more it will persuade you into action. They’re counting on you to eventually make that purchase or attend that event. So why not use this same principle for good in your own life? If you have a goal to accomplish, focus on the plan and your ability to do achieve it. If you wish to improve your relationships, read books that will inspire you with new, creative ideas on how to establish deeper bonds. To do better, you’ve got to think better!

By default, we are all prone to certain negative thought patterns that affect us differently as individuals. The key is to recognize what they are so that you can begin to reverse your way of thinking in those areas whenever they rear their ugly heads. The enemy will always attempt to bring distractions in your life to steer your mind off course and discourage you from accomplishing all the good that you were meant to accomplish. But the next time he does, remind him of what God’s word says. And remember, you were made for GREATNESS!


March On!

Letty Roy

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