A Risen Savior

The life he lived, he never owned

His purpose greater than any known

Born in a manger

And from a humble home

Yet worthy of the highest throne

Gentle in spirit, abounding in love

Full of power from up above

He came to earth to set people free

Heal their past,

And make blind men see

He willingly carried the burden of all sin

As he bore the weight of the rugged cross

Hoping to encourage those who believed

And to save those who were lost

Though scorned and tormented, despised and rejected

He pressed on towards Calvary Hill

Reminding himself of his purpose;

Determined to do his Father’s will

“For God so loved the world,

That he gave his only begotten son.”

There had to be a costly sacrifice

Before victory could be won

With nail-pierced hands and feet he hung

And yet his heart stayed true

As he uttered, “Father, please forgive them…

For they know not what they do.”

Before he took his final breath;

Before his life diminished--

He knew our debt was paid in full

When he declared, “It is finished.”

He tore the veil; he made a way

Took the keys from hell

And entered heaven’s gates

Then proved death in him could not stay

By resurrecting on the third day!

A risen savior

A reigning king

Is what he was, has been, and will be

So come what may

The truth remains

He is Lord over everything!


March On!

Letty Roy

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