Leave a Legacy

A goal accomplished, A purpose fulfilled

The faith to do, only God’s will

Can pass a blessing to those behind you

And those waiting to be born still

It starts with a vision

Followed by a plan

Striving to honor God

Instead of trying to please Man

With patience and resolve

You can be a difference maker

Bringing hope into this world

By imitating your Creator

Simply living in this fashion

Can minister to your nation

Bring healing to the broken

As well as peace and liberation

You were born to lead and not to follow

The norms of today’s society

Live counterculture to what’s expected

And conduct yourself with propriety

The Lord himself with strengthen you

And bless you with joy unspeakable

As you weather through the storms

In Him, you’ll find that there’s no equal

Find your vision, find your dream

Then chase it consistently

To impact the next generation...

And to leave a legacy


March On!

Letty Joy

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