Get Ready! It's a New Season

We are living in exciting times! God is doing newer and bigger things within His church. New sanctuaries are being built, larger properties are being bought for kingdom purposes, ministry ideas are being birthed, and destinies are being fulfilled! This is not a time to shrink back into the shadows but rather to press into what God is saying and showing His people. “Blessed are those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear (Matthew 13:16)!” Is there something that’s been stirring inside of you? Do you feel like there’s something more you should be doing? Perhaps these are nudges from the Holy Spirit urging you to find out what the next step is. There is much work to be done, and God needs you onboard. There are three things I believe God is desiring from His people in this season more than ever:

1. Intimacy-- The only way you will know what God is saying is by first establishing a more intimate relationship with Him. He likes quality time, and tells us to make our requests known to Him through prayer and supplication. There needs to be moments in your day that you tune out the noise and tune in to the still, small voice of God (1Kings 19:12). When you seek His face wholeheartedly, He will meet you where you are. The truth is, He never leaves you, but it is very easy to forget about His presence when you are consumed with the busyness of life. Make sure to take some time out just for Him. If you are married, or you have kids, then you know what it’s like to have somebody need 1:1 time with you. It solidifies the relationship in both tangible and intangible ways. Well your relationship with God is the same in the sense that He wants to communicate with you about your heart’s desires and concerns. But He also wants to communicate His heart to you. You need to know His heart in order to carry out His mission.

2. Insight--As a result of establishing more intimacy with God, He will give you the insight you need to take the next step or make the next decision. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Pray to me and I will answer you. And show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.” Did you get that? God wants to reveal things to you that you would not otherwise know if you didn’t seek Him! There are divine revelations on standby, awaiting your request; answers that you couldn’t obtain from any website or textbook on earth. This is the kind of insight you need. All the knowledge in the world doesn’t compare to the wisdom of heaven!

3. Increase--You can be sure that God’s plan and promise for your life involves increase. God is always looking for people He can entrust His resources to, but they have to prove themselves faithful with little to be given much more. The way that you utilize your time, whether you’re at work, home, or church, matters. The way you expend your income and your gifts matters. God wants to enlarge your territory and give you an abundant life. Some of you have felt like you’ve been stuck in a ditch for a long season. Like no matter what you do to dig yourself out, you seem to dig yourself deeper into a hole. I’m here to tell you that all that digging was not in vain. God needed you to prepare the ditch for the abundant outpouring of blessings He is sending your way. Get ready for the overflow!

Although these nuggets of faith all begin with the letter “I,” it is not about us as individuals. We can get so caught up with our requests that it sounds something like, “I need this God,” “I want that God,” or “I feel like this God.” I challenge you to instead stay focused on what He wants and needs of you. God desires to give you insight and increase that will impact His kingdom like never before. Are you ready to receive it?


March On!

Letty Roy

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