Trust the Plan

When prayers go unanswered

When plans cease to succeed

When life throws you a curve ball There’s only one thing that you need

It’s a healing touch from Jesus

His power has no end

He’ll set you free from bondage

With righteous justice, He’ll defend

It’s not always in your timing

A thousand years is a day to Him

But He promises to restore

All the years the locusts have eaten

Just one touch of His garment

One single act of faith

Can change your life forever

Allowing a new road to be paved

"Just acknowledge me,” He beckons,

"And I will make your path straight."

"Trust me with all your heart

And lean not on your own way.”

There’s a plan He’s been preparing

He is working on your behalf

Like Moses, He’s commissioned you

And has armed you with a staff

It looks harmless at first glance

But when you realize what’s in your hand

You can operate with power

And with authority you can stand

The waters will part before you

And you’ll walk across on dry land

When you safely reach the other side

You’ll praise Him for His perfect plan!


March On!

Letty Roy

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