Sovereign Storm

There are moments when you see the rain

And nothing more beyond

The sunshine you once hoped to gain

Is somehow nearly gone

You wonder if things will ever change

Will the flooding ever cease?

You’re longing for the sight of green

You’re desperate for some peace

But you don’t have to get off the boat

To feel like you are stable

The Son of God who calms the storms

Wants you to know He’s more than able

Be reminded- He’s a Living Spring

A flowing river of all you’re seeking

No need to fear the storm around you

It could be water that He’s bringing

To wash you through and through once more

To shower you with blessings

In your spirit He desires to release

A new sense of refreshing

So don’t fight it though it’s raging

But instead embrace its wonder

Know that with just one word, He can cancel waves

And nullify thunder

He’s in the boat, right by your side

And promises never to forsake you

You can rest well, drenched in perfect peace

Soak in His love; let Him embrace you


March On!

Letty Roy

#refreshing #sovereignstorm #peace #livingspring

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