Give What You Receive

Most people have heard the expression, “It is better to give than to receive.” There is a deep satisfaction that comes from giving good gifts to others, especially to those in great need. Knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone else’s life; that you’ve offered something without expecting anything in return, deposits more spiritual currency into a well-intentioned soul than any dollar amount ever could. That’s just how God’s economy operates.

Today I want to take it a step further though. I want to challenge you to adopt the mindset of “giving what you receive.” You see, we weren’t made to be reservoirs of all that God has given to us. We were made to be conduits overflowing with His goodness to pour into others! Psalm 23:5 tells us that He makes our cup “runneth over.” He wants you to be so full of His blessings, love, and power that it not only benefits you, but also everyone else you encounter!

Of course, you cannot give what you do not have. For instance, perhaps you or someone you know wasn’t raised in a way that modeled good parenting or that facilitated your understanding of God’s love. If you weren’t nurtured emotionally or taught the things of God, then it may be a struggle to do those same things for your children or others. In many ways, our environment shapes us, whether for the good or for the bad. Fortunately, we are able to have our minds renewed by God’s word (Romans 12:20). And according to Romans 5:5, we can “know how dearly God loves us, because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His love.”

In Matthew 10:8 we are told to freely give what we have freely received.

When you receive God’s love for yourself, you are able to pour it into others.

When you receive His forgiveness, you are capable of forgiving.

When you receive His peace, you can bring peace into situations.

When you receive His joy, you can spread it.

When you receive His resources, you can share them.

If, perhaps, you are still thinking you don’t have very much to offer because of a difficult season you are in, please remember that it’s not about quantity. Jesus will bless whatever is given from a pure heart. As He watched the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury one day, Jesus made this point clear when He said that the woman who gave two copper coins gave more than all the others who gave out of their wealth, because she gave all she had (Luke 21:1-4). He recognizes every sacrifice that is made and honors them above the rest. Ultimately it’s not about what you have or don’t have. It’s about what you do with what’s been given!


March On!

Letty Roy

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