Love Unlike Any Other

There is a love so sweet, so divine and pure

To which nothing can compare

A love that meets you where you are

Even when you’re unaware

It’s a love that searches high and low

For the object of its affection

Desiring nothing less or more

Than a heart to heart connection

There is a love that remains immeasurable

To depths, widths, or heights

It relentlessly prevails

Throughout the seasons, days, and nights

It’s a love unlike any other

You’ll ever experience in this life

It came with a high price to pay;

The ultimate sacrifice

It’s the heart of a gracious Father

Who sent His only son

To make the great exchange for us;

Yes each and every ONE

He knows everything about you

And loves you just the same

He draws you with His kindness

And calls you forth by name

When you feel the weight of the world upon you

Misunderstood, or simply forgotten

Call on the one who had YOU in mind

When He gave His only Begotten

His arms are always open

He wants to make His presence known

And to those who seek His face

His heart will also be shown!


March On!

Letty Roy

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