Build Your Ark

Have you ever felt like God was asking you to do something out of the norm? Like He was requiring you to follow certain directions that led to a bigger, yet unclear picture that was difficult to understand? If it hasn’t happened already, don’t be surprised when it does! The bible is full of examples where He required inordinate amounts of faith to be put into action in order to fulfill a greater purpose. In the story of Noah and the Ark, there are several key points made regarding what to expect in a devoted Christian’s walk. Noah was about as devoted as they come. The bible says he wasn’t like any other person on earth during his time. He is described as a “blameless” and “righteous” man who walked with God. For him to be noted as “walking with God” means that he sought fellowship and connected with God on a regular basis. Just like best friends are always together, Noah was known for his close-knit relationship with his creator. If you are used to talking to someone, and they call your name from behind or call you on the phone, you would know who it was without looking simply because you would recognize their voice, right? Well, Noah was well accustomed to God’s voice in the same way. He knew when God was speaking to him and was always careful to take heed. When it came time to build the ark, Genesis 6:22 states that, “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.” Here are four insights taken from this incredible story as it pertains to the faithful walk of an obedient Christian:

1. God will ask you for the impossible. In Noah’s day, many believe it had never actually rained before. We know for a fact that it had never flooded before. And yet here was God, asking Noah to build something in order to be saved from something that he had never seen before—the world’s biggest flood. And not only was he commanded to build an ark, he was also told to build the BIGGEST boat ever made! Noah’s imagination was stretched. His abilities were stretched. And his perseverance was definitely challenged. Yet he knew what God had told him, and no matter how impossible it seemed, he trusted God to follow through with what He said He would do.

2. There will always be people who don’t care or understand. Did you know that it took 100 years from the time God instructed Noah to build the ark to the time of the actual flood? Within that timeframe, Noah and his family were gathering supplies and probably raising a ruckus as they busily built this massive water vessel on dry land. And yet no one seemed to be fazed by this atypical occurrence. Life went on as usual for everyone else. Genesis 6:6 states that the Lord was grieved by the wickedness of the people, which is what brought about the flood. Well, they continued in their rebellious ways with complete apathy towards the mighty move of God even as it took place right before their eyes! So don’t be discouraged when people don’t seem to “get” you or what God is telling you. Not everyone will be in your corner, but just as in the case of Noah, God will always bring you the people you need to accomplish the task.

3. God will cause you to rise above your circumstances. Although the water came down for a while, it wasn’t long before it rose above the earth’s surface. And with it, the Ark rose as well. All of the apathy, all of the wickedness, all of the labor and turmoil, were now beneath God’s people. Noah and his family were able to rise above all the circumstances previously experienced. It’s amazing to think that God used the very same water from the storm to bring His people up higher, and closer, to heaven. Likewise, you can be sure that God will always make a way for you through the storm, and that it will ultimately result in a closer relationship with Him.

4. God will vindicate you. After a century of trusting, believing, laboring, and waiting, Noah was probably tempted to grow weary. I wouldn’t be surprised if he occasionally wondered if what he was doing was being done in vain? But while the rest of the people were living carefree, insouciant lives, he remained committed to the cause God had placed in his heart. And when the flood came, God’s word was proved to be true, Noah’s faith was vindicated, and the world’s unbelief was judged.

If God has placed something in your heart, even if it seems impossible, make sure not to dismiss it as such. His goal is to stretch your faith and provide you with an incredible testimony! Not everyone will understand the process, but be grateful for those willing to work alongside you. And lastly, cling to what you heard God tell you, knowing that He will raise you up at the right time, and that His word will be proven true!


March On!

Letty Roy

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