It's Your Turn

Be the light in a darkened world.

Be the love that casts out fear.

Be the hope that strengthens faith.

Be the peace that draws people near.

When Jesus walked the earth,

He had one purpose to fulfill.

He lived not for Himself,

But only for His Father’s Will.

He sought to please and honor God,

With every word and every deed.

He spoke life into the hurting,

And broke chains to set captives free!

He often looked beyond the sin,

And revealed its source of pain.

With compassion in His eyes,

He encouraged others to do the same.

He was the light in a darkened world;

He was the love that casted out fear.

He was the hope that strengthened faith;

He was the peace that drew people near.

You were created in His image.

You were meant to be like Him.

And because He died for you,

The same power is possessed within.

You can be the difference.

Yes, you can be the change.

You can be the answer

For souls needing to be saved.

Just follow His example,

And soon you will discern

There’s no time for sitting idle

Get up, because it’s your turn!


March On!

Letty Roy

#imitatorsofgod #livelikechrist #itsyourturn

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