The Power of “Selah”

Have you ever noticed how music can affect your mood? Music has a way of tapping into all of your emotions depending on the lyrics or rate and tempo of it. If you’re listening to slower-paced instrumental music, it’ll probably help you relax. If you’re listening to upbeat pop music, you’ll feel energized and cheerful. Whenever I’m driving with my kids, I tend to listen to the upbeat music they enjoy. We especially like the dramatic effect that occurs after a silent pause. Do you know what I'm talking about? The music will be flowing along smoothly and steadily until suddenly—SILENCE. Wait just a second or two, and BAM—a bass drop occurs or the tempo speeds up drastically, putting all of us in a fun state of frenzy. In the blink of an eye, everything changes. The mood, atmosphere, and even the music itself is instantaneously elevated to another level.

That, my friends, is the power of “Selah.” The Hebrew meaning of the word “Selah” describes it as an interjection that occurs between verses or paragraphs in parts of the Hebrew bible, often in the Psalms, and indicates a “pause” for contemplation. You may be steadily moving through life with everything going great, when suddenly something unexpected happens. Your world has been rocked and you find yourself having to make decisions you never thought you’d have to make. Or you may have to deal with things you never imagined having to deal with.

That's when you have officially reached your “Selah” moment. As a believer, it’s the moment when you take a step back and contemplate what God is trying to say and do in your life. However, this is only temporary. You weren’t meant to stay stuck in this moment. You were only meant to utilize it for insight and healing. There is power in this moment.

When utilized well, this moment, this pause, will catapult you into the next season of your life. Suddenly everything will change! New opportunities will come, doors will be opened, healing will take place, and blessings will be released. So make sure you don’t take the “Selah” moments for granted.

The bible tells us in 2 Corinthians 3:18 that we are being transformed into the image of God from “glory to glory.” The “to” represents a powerful, life-changing “Selah” moment in your life. It’s the in-between stage that God uses to supernaturally transform you (and your life) to reflect His glory.

Your song isn’t over. Just wait until you hear the next verse!


March On!

Letty Roy

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